Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why dental implants are the superior treatment

At Manoa Dental, implants have already been popular among our patients for the common reasons including; no future cavities, reduced probability of gum disease, and adjacent teeth are not drilled. But did you know that total failures are a rare occurrence? Surgery is not an exact science since every patient is different. Occasionally an implant will not integrate correctly and will need to be removed prior to completion. However the beauty of implant treatment is that the area can be repaired and a new implant placed with a similar prognosis as the original treatment plan. There will be an additional delay in total treatment time, but the ability to replace an implant is remarkable compared to any other procedure in dentistry, let alone how superior an implant is to start with! Call us today to find out more about this extraordinary treatment!


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  4. It's actually interesting that that's possible in the middle of this paragraph where the dental implant occasionally won't integrate into your gums properly. You'd have to remove it immediately and try all over again in those cases? A dental implant is totally worth the risk of that happening to make you have your beautiful smile back. However, would you have to pay extra at all if the dental implant doesn't integrate properly in the surgery?