Friday, August 3, 2018

Correcting Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment is a great cosmetic procedure that can correct many types of problems such as crowding of teeth. The procedure also requires some enamel removal on the sides of teeth called inter-proximal reduction (IPR) to gain space in order to alleviate crowding. It's critical when the dentist that performs this procedure is able to maintain the shape of the teeth to achieve a great result. In this case, the dentist performed IPR for Invisalign but removed too much tooth structure during the treatment. The conclusion of the case resulted in straight teeth, but with abnormal shapes, especially between the two front incisors which created a gap. This gap can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry such as bonding or veneers. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Clear braces

Orthodontics used to be known for their metal braces that anyone could see when you smiled. Technology and materials have improved to the point where we can say goodbye to the metal and welcome to tooth-colored braces. They are made of ceramic which is similar to tooth-colored crowns. Ceramic braces can be used in nearly all the same cases as metal braces and are much less likely to draw any attention.

Friday, July 13, 2018


Do you have hard bumps on the tongue side of your teeth? They may be behind the teeth on your lower jaw, or in the center of the roof of your mouth. These are called Tori are are a sign of trauma due to a bad bite. Tori are made of bone and are enlarged growths that help to brace the teeth during traumatic forces. These forces are usually grinding or clenching due to the lower and upper jaws not properly aligned and in harmony with facial muscles.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Life changing moments

We hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday! Holidays and moments in your life when your meet someone for the first time or the one-hundredth time can leave a lasting impact on your life and their memory of you. That's why it's always great to show your best smile. A terrific smile will leave an enduring impression on whoever it may be, whenever it may be. Cosmetic dentistry can create that photogenic smile that you always wanted. It's painless compared to plastic surgery and improves your health as well!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Implant diagnosis is critical

The procedure to place an implant is really not that difficult. It is actually taught at weekend courses throughout the country. The most critical part of an implant procedure is not the day of the surgery, but the diagnosis and planning that occurs before the patient is even given the appointment for surgery. Factors such as how the teeth bite together, what is the quality of the bone, is the patient a grinder, and many others determine the longevity of an implant. The surgery to place the implant has a >95% success rate. Although as soon as the crown is placed on the implant, the long-term success rate drops because the tooth is actually in use for eating. This x-ray is an example of poor treatment planning by not evaluating how the bite together. Over prolonged use the existing bad bite prior to surgery has created micro-movements of the left implant, which has caused bone resorption. Eventually it will lose more bone until it becomes loose and infected. Once that implant is lost, the same problem will start to affect the remaining implants.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Dentures and Implants

When patients think of cosmetic dentistry, you may first think of veneers, bonding, or whitening among other procedures. For the unfortunate patients that need full mouth rehabilitation, dentures may be their only solution. However, dentures in combination with implants have proven to be a successful formula that would not make you miss your original teeth in the end. Implants provide reliable support for a denture that will enormously improve the lives of many traditional denture patients. It can restore your chewing strength to nearly pre-denture levels and is an incredible improvement over historical denture treatment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Implants are the best long-term option

Implants have become the highest standard of care to replace a missing tooth. Although, if you still have a tooth with a poor prognosis, it is also advantageous to consider removing it and placing an implant. The long-term success of implants have reached the point where it is a more reliable and safe procedure than trying to nurse a failing tooth. Especially if the tooth in question deteriorates, it may reduce the available bone for the future implant. At this point, you endanger the future implant procedure by not having enough bone, and may need a bone graft. This second procedure adds delay and finances to your treatment plan when it would have been prudent to consider removing the offending tooth to begin with.