Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dental implant vs fixed bridge: Pros and Cons

You can receive complete dental care at Manoa Dental in Honolulu, Hawaii including implants and fixed bridges. Implants and fixed bridges have one trait in common, which is that they both will feel like a natural tooth when completed. However an implant is much more beneficial in your long term future over the bridge in many ways.

First, a bridge requires drilling on the adjacent teeth while and implant does not. This is most harmful when the adjacent teeth are already in excellent health which results in unnecessary loss of tooth structure. The undesirable trauma to the neighboring teeth increases your risk for future treatment to them.

Second, a bridge is cemented to natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth and therefore susceptible to future cavities on these teeth. A recurrent cavity is the more common reason that fixed bridges must be replaced resulting in more damage or even the additional loss of neighboring teeth. An implant is composed entirely of titanium and cannot develop a cavity effectively eliminating this problem.

Third, an implant simulates a tooth root, consequently it maintains the bone health similar to the original tooth. A fixed bridge however, replaces the missing tooth only above the gums. Therefore the bone and gums will continue to shrink over time under the replacement tooth, and eventually will create an unsightly gap between them. In contrast, an implant replicates the entire tooth above and below the gums.

Fourth, an implant is a machined, smooth surface which doesn't allow plaque and tartar to buildup. A natural tooth is course and rough, which must be maintained on a strict cleaning schedule or cavities will occur on the adjacent teeth of a fixed bridge. It is also extremely inconvenient to floss under the bridge as compared to a normal tooth, leading to inadequate home care around a bridge. This in turn creates an environment for future cavities or gum disease.

Implants and fixed bridges have the greatest advantage over other conventional treatments for replacing a missing tooth. However, an implant has significantly more benefits for your best long-term results when compared to a fixed bridge due to ease of maintenance and care.


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