Monday, June 9, 2014

Dental Implants And Alternate Treament Options

Dr. Choy at Manoa Dental has trained under the top implant surgeons of the world on how to fix this age-old problem where you may have lost one tooth, but it is surrounded by natural, healthy teeth. Historically, you would have two undesirable options. The first would be to make a removable partial denture, which would be cumbersome and not feel natural at all. The second option would be to cut-down the adjacent healthy teeth for a bridge, which while feeling natural, would put the adjacent teeth at risk for cavities or gum disease in the future. With implants, we can now present a third option which is by far the best alternative. An implant doesn't require any destruction of the adjacent teeth, and feels like any other tooth when used for chewing. The required appointment to place the implant normally takes one visit and usually does not have post-operative pain any worse than an extraction, which was initially performed leading to the loss of a tooth. A main drawback is that the implant needs a waiting time anywhere from 3-6 months to allow the bone to fuse with it, before the tooth can be placed over it. When finished, it will be even better than your old tooth since you won't have to worry about cavities in it anymore! Call us for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this remarkable procedure!


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