Friday, May 23, 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics Treatment in Honolulu: Case of the day

Our case of the day:
A smile that is natural looking and blends in seamlessly with her appearance. 

Our concern was not only the appearance, but our patient has a lot of wear (notches on the teeth near the gums) as a result of an improper and bad bite. We first treated the patient with clear orthodontics to properly align the bite. Ultra thin porcelain veneers were placed on her top front teeth and power teeth whitening were done on her bottom teeth. By addressing the bite and placing ultra thin veneers, we were able to produce a result that is beautiful and functional without compromising the patient's tooth structure. Nowadays, there are a million dentists claiming to be a "cosmetic dentist" especially in Honolulu. You will want a treatment plan that is comprehensive to ensure a result that is not only beautiful but healthy and long lasting. 

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